September 2, 2015


The news is that we are working and it’s all we do. Working means making sounds in the form of songs with the system we’ve slowly built over the last couple of years, which significantly does not include using a computer to produce the sounds. They get recorded onto a computer which we pretend is a giant reel to reel tape machine- it works just as well and costs a little less. All of our money we spend on gear to make the sounds with and the occasional bottle of white wine. We’ve been recording our punk songs in condominiums. Khaela wrote about the experience XXHEREXX (click that previous word to read about it, this font does not show the hypertext.)

We are selling a limited series of EXPLODED SKY OVER CONDOMINIUM t shirts as a salute to this endeavor and to fund the growing machine that we use to make the sounds. Someday we’ll post pictures of the machine and soon we’ll post replications of the sounds but for now you can see the shirts XXHEREXX and XXHEREXX is what it is like inside of the sphere where we do these things.