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Minimalist experimental electroacoustic pop, produced and composed by Melissa Dyne and Khaela Maricich. For the production of Brand New Abyss Melissa Dyne developed a portable rig of modular and analog synthesizers routed through elements of studio processing gear; using signal flow the system enables two performers to produce and perform multilayered electronic compositions live without requiring the addition of pre-recorded tracks or additional instrumentalists. The album was written and produced both in their New York City apartment as well as in a number of time-share condominiums throughout the Northeastern seaboard. Engineered and mixed by Melissa Dyne using Protools on a MacBook Pro. SONGS: Peaceful Easy Feeling (by The Eagles), Dark Cold Magic, So There, Greatest Love Of All (after Whitney Houston), The Woman You Want Her To Be, Get Up, Think About Me, Summer

a blog about the making of Brand New Abyss (from Khaela’s site, as are all below).

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2013 Kanine Records.
Hi-fidelity skewed pop compositions constructed from intricate sample collages. The debut album of musical collaboration between Melissa Dyne and Khaela Maricich, “The Blow” introduces Dyne’s acoustical frequencies into the sound field of The Blow. This album forms the soundtrack to the performance “Songs For Other People,” for which Dyne designed and performed lighting tableaus and Maricich performed a fictional narrative about songwriting for a mainstream pop starlet whose love story with another woman became highly publicized in the late aughts. Composed, recorded and engineered by Dyne and Maricich in a series of time-share condominiums around the Northeastern seaboard between 2011 and 2013. Engineered and mixed by Melissa Dyne using Protools on a MacBook Pro, with additional engineering at at several other locations. Featuring performances by Bashiri Johnson, Mirah Zeitlyn, Rainy Orteca, Brian Taylor, Vita Tanga, and Brian Patrick Hill. SONGS: Make It Up, A Kiss, From The Future, I Tell Myself Everything, Invisible, Like Girls, Hey, The Specter, Not Dead Yet, You’re My Light

a blog written at the beginning of the 3 year process of making The Blow.

CD 10

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2006 K Records.
Electronic pop made in collaboration between Khaela Maricich Maricich and Jona Bechtolt. Produced and recorded in Abelton live on a desktop Mac at Bechtolt’s apartment in Portland Oregon. Parentheses and Long List recorded on the same Mac at Dub Narcotic Studio, with the assistance of Calvin Johnson. “Babay” produced on Bechtolt’s laptop in Maricich’s apartment in The Oak Street Building. SONGS: Pile Of Gold, Parentheses, The Big U, The Long List of Girls, Bonjour Jeune Fille, Babay (Eat A Critter, Feel Its Wrath), Eat Your Heart Up, Pardon Me, Fists Up, True Affection

a blog written during the peak of heartbreak that led to Paper Television.

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2004 States Rights Records/Slender Means Society, re-rereleased in 2007 on K Records.
The first album of collaboration between Jona Bechtold and Khaela Maricich, merging Maricich’s pop experimentalism with Bechtolt’s high-sheen electronic rhythm. Recorded in Abelton Live in Portland Oregon, in Bechtolt’s apartment in the Oak Street Building on his desktop Mac. “Come On Petunia” was produced on Jona’s laptop in Dub Narcotic Studio. With performances by Jason Anderson, Rachel Jensen, Eve Johnson, and Adam Forkner. The K release features remixes by YACHT, Strategy, Lucky Dragons, K. Maricich, and DJ Alan Fortarte. The cover shows an image of Bechtolt’s one eyed cat, Whiskers. SONGS: Hey Boy, The Sky Opened Wide Like The Tide, Knowing The Things That I Know, Let’s Play Boys Chase Girls, The Love That I Crave, Hock It, “Come On Petunia”

a video interview with a the song “Hey Boy.”

CD 10

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2003 K Records.
Solo experimental analog multitrack pop production by Khaela Maricich. Concussive Caress was produced and recorded by Maricich at Dub Narcotic in Olympia WA, using the 16 track reel to reel tape console and analog board. Nearly half of the album’s songs are from Maricich’s solo performance piece “Blue Sky Versus Night Sky,” an extended fictional narrative interspersed with songs. The music in the performance was played via a cd player stuffed in the back of Maricich’s jeans, connected to the sound board with an rca cable running out the pants leg. Original vinyl featured hand silkscreened covers. Featuring performances by Jenn Kliese, Mirah Zeitlyn, Jason Anderson, Anna Oxygen, Jess Funaro, Ramona Tougas, Bryce Panic, Nora Danielson, Karl Blau, Joe Kuta, MdCloud Zicmuse. SONGS: How Naked Are We Going To Get?, Chase Dream, Untitled, Night Full of Open Eyes, Sweetheart, What Tom Said About Girls, Nothing, Come On Pauline (Amy’s Cassette For Pauline), What The Guitar Said About The Firmament, Where I Love You, What Amy Heard In Her Mother’s Voice Played Backwards, Gravity (Pauline’s Response To Amy), Gravity Pt 2, The Warrior’s Hearts

a blog about the making of Concussive Caress.

CD 10

10” vinyl
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2002 K Records.
Lo-fi multi tracking experiments. This album was made by Khaela Maricich in a cave made of curtains in the corner of Dub Narcotic Studio in Olympia Wa, on a Tascam 388 reel to reel 8 track. The song Watch The Water Roll Up was recorded and produced with Phil Elverum. The final song on the album is a tutorial for a group dancing game. Originally released on CD and a limited edition run of 10” vinyl. SONGS: The Democracy of Small Things, She Buried Herself In The Air, Some Chocolates, Jet Ski Accidents (by Jason Anderson), The Moon Is There, I Am Here, The Touch Me, Sing Like Kyle, Watch The Water Roll Up, Little Sally Tutorial

a blog about the era in which Bonus Album was made.

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casette tape
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Cassette: 2001 limited edition self-release/CD: 2005 re-release K Records.
Maricich’s first album of self production, featuring intimate songs composed with guitar, minimal synths and vocal overdubbing. Recorded and produced by Khaela Maricich in her bedroom in the Martin Apartments, Olympia Wa, using a Tascam cassette-tape 4-track recorder borrowed from Arrington De Dionyso. For the original cassette release, Maricich produced hand letterpressed covers at Community Print, a printing collective housed in the same office where Ace Investigations had operated, next door to Dub Narcotic Studio. SONGS: Oh Canada, Nothing, Why Don’t You, My Heart, Lily Pink, Surf Song, Milkmaid, Welcome, Did You Drive, Tidal Wave, That Boy, I Was Singing, In My Room, Our Holes Are Dug


2008 Knw-Yr-Own.
Originally released in 1998 as a cassette on Knw-Yr-Own, a label based in Anacortes WA, the small town to which Khaela Maricich’s grandparents immigrated from Croatia in the 1920’s. The cassette was originally composed as an investigative report for the art collective and investigative agency Ace Investigations, which operated in Olympia Washington from 1996-1999. The album features songs written and performed by Khaela Maricich on ukelele (and one on accordion), interspersed with answering machine messages from friends living in Olympia, composing the cozy little world that existed in that place and time. Recorded by Phil Elverum at Dub Narcotic Studio in one session, in 1998. Ana & Ollie is written by K.M. with instrumentation by Phil Elverum. Messages by Ariana Jacob, Jenn Kliese, David Scherer, Mary Water, Bryce Kasson, Agent, Shannon Wianecki, Forrest Martin and Random Water. Knw-Yr-Own. SONGS: Girl In The Sky, Our Bad Sex, Scream, Let’s Keep Things, Fuck You, Glove Ballad, Air, My Dog Dill, Happy Birthday Lisa Cohen, Ana & Ollie, Words, The Spar, Faery Tale, Valentines Day 1998, Saints In An Arc, Aloha, Train, Cowboy Lullaby

a blog about the era in which Look For It In The Sky It Will Alwyas Be There was made.

CD 10


2002 Limited edition self release.
Produced for a west coast tour with Mirah in 2002, these songs are early multi tracking experiments made by Khaela Maricich, a number of which later appear on “Bonus Album” and “The Concussive Caress.” Recorded and produced by Khaela Maricich on a Tascam 388 reel to reel 8 track, in a private cave made of theater curtains at the far end of the giant warehouse room that housed Dub Narcotic Studio, in Olympia Wa. Featuring performances and cameo appearances by Mona Tougas, Jenn Kliese, Bryce Kasson, Jess Funaro, Amber Bell, Hugh Holden, Johannah Goldstein, Kyle Field, Nikki McClure, Phil Elverum, Susan Ploetz, Mirah Zeitlyn, Mary Water, Adam Forker.
Songs: Molecules, I Love To Watch Her Undress It, She Buried Herself In The Air, Snowball (by Devo), Chocolates, Her Heart Made Liquid, Tape Recorder On The Roof, Jet Ski Accidents (by Jason Anderson), Ah-Ha, Amy’s Tape Recorder, Oh Oh Oh Oh, I Love USA, What This Looks Like

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